About us

Deborah Pavlek is the V.P. of Marketing and overseer of all aspects of the company. She has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for about 30 years and brings to the company her wealth of knowledge in the healthcare field. She is loving, supportive, and compassionate to our clients and their families and acts like a mother to all our employees.

Kimberly Sippy is the Director of Nursing and Administrator for our agency. She has been a Registered Nurse for 5 years and has worked in the home health field for the past 2. She is a dedicated and compassionate nurse who truly cares about her patients and their families. She works long and hard to make sure that all our client's needs are met with approval and pleasure.

Don Pavlek is the V.P. of Human Resources and Finance for our agency. He is the go-to guy for all of the technical support, scheduling, payroll, billing, etc. He graduated with a degree in Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. He is also very dedicated to this company and to the patients and the families that need our services.